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    Mosquitos seriously suck.


    One: I had a great time with some of my best friends having a LOTR party last night.

    Two: I have a picture of Legolas


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    I only have to pay $10 for a book.


    hate those things so much

    Yes yes yes yes YES!!! The smell and feel of a book cannot be replaced by a little screen… Books are so much better!

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    Have you ever felt the need to just destroy something useless because you feel like you have so many shitty emotions built up that if you don’t lash out at something, you’ll lash out at someone?

    That’s how I feel… though I guess saying it is a little redundant at this point.

    I guess that’s why I haven’t been posting anything at all.  That and I doubt anyone has the time or desire to read anything I have to say.  But sometimes I guess talking to empty space can help.


    jiosen said: 1-34


    Yup, I deserve this…  XD

    1. My ten bestest friends, who have their own box on my facebook XD.  Their names are Jamie, Janna, Jessica, Deanni, Jordan, Lauren, Kelly, Sam, Victoria, and Brittany.  Plus I have some amazing friends on DA (yeah, you’re one of them :D).

    2. My fatness.  But that’s going to change ;]

    3. My badass attitude that lets me not care what other people think about me.  It’s led to some pretty interesting experiences :D

    4. Writing, music, and giving advice.

    5. Math.  ;_;  Butbutbut, I did get an 80 in my math class this year XD happiest day of my life.

    6. Geekiness, good sense of humor, and I love guys who can be gentlemen :3

    7. Ignorance, stupidity, body piercings, and rudeness.

    8. A clinical psychologist/writer/musician/actor :D

    9. I have no siblings :]

    10. I love my parents.  Sometimes we’re best friends, sometimes we drive each other mad.  But I love them, always XD

    11. I’ve only been on one legit date before soooo… XD.  But I dunno, anything that’d give me a chance to really talk with the person I’m on a date with.  As long as we have a good time, isn’t that the point?  :D

    12. Bad English (by people whose native language is English).  I hate southern drawl, ebonics, gangsta talk, and all that.  But foreigners messing up English grammar/pronunciation is fine because they have an excuse, and it’s kinda charming.  Like my friend from France, Valentine.  She’s so adorable :]

    13. I don’t currently have feelings for anyone (and it’s a damn good feeling).  I’m in need of a break XD

    14. I wish there was only one.  XD.  I’ll go with the girl I hate from band.  She’s short, fat, blond, has this perpetual expression of “wtf is wrong with you, you freak?” and talks like a prep.  She’s pretty stupid, and a total bitch.  XD

    15. Last time I lied to a friend was because I was secretly signing a card her little sister wanted all her friends to sign.  :D

    16. I was born in New Jersey in a suburb of Fort Lee, then we moved to Mableton, Georgia, now we live in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia.  :P

    17. I want a husband but only if I find one good enough to marry.  I’d like 1-3 children.  And pets.  :3

    18. I’m pretty proud of making it into my dream college, and getting tons of scholarship money there.  Plus making it into their school of music.  And making All-State Band this year was epic :D

    19. Dear lord, my senior class is stupid……

    20. Never been kissed.  :/

    21. Probably the first time I got taken out of class in 5th grade.  I was crying because people were being douchebags and bullying me, and my teacher got on the PA system and called the office.  The principal (aka megabitch from the ninth circle of hell) came and got me, and squeezed my arm too hard leading me to her office.  I said I wanted to go home, still crying, and she said good.  It was humiliating because after that, nobody would be my friend.  Elementary school has no happy memories for me.  :/

    22. I don’t text… so I’ll go with facebook!  My friend from the writing seminar I went to last year commented on my status asking why all my short stories involve murder, saying that she loved writing death scenes.  XD…

    23. Cry baby, because that’s what everyone called me for the majority of my life thus far.  Motherf***er, which shows up in a couple songs I like but I’d neeeever say that.  Stupid white bitch, because that’s what most of the black kids at my school call me.  I swear my life is better than I’m making it sound with this meme XD XD XD

    24.  Uhhh… what?  I don’t understand the question O.o

    25. Healing.  Before I was like 14 or 15, my self esteem just didn’t even exist because it was so low.  But now that I’ve stopped giving a flying fuck what people think about me, it’s gotten better XD

    26. She’s a beautiful person, inside and out.  Really smart, and hilarious.  Always willing to help someone out.  And the natural leader in our group of friends.  I say she’s my best friend because she’s my oldest friend (met in sixth grade), even though I consider 10 people I know to be my best friends.  :]

    27. My ex was a DOUCHE.  Enough said.  I got fed up with his bullshit, so I broke up with him.  -_-

    28. Uhh… there’s no way I can answer that XD.  I’ve been listening to a lot of The Bird and the Bee recently… and Panic! at the Disco…

    29. I never make the same wish twice.  And I don’t take 11:11 seriously… a time of day has no wish-granting ability.  I just think it’s an awesome time of day because it’s the only time with all four digits with the same number… XD I noticed that when I was little and since then I’ve been like o: ….

    30. Right now, I really don’t have one.  The last big one I had was the whole situation with my ex, but I haven’t had any contact with him in over four months, and I stopped dating him a while before that… XD

    31. How can I pick just one…?  :[

    32. “You’re my best friend.”  Having not had friends for a long time… being someone’s best friend made me cry a little.  :’]

    33. I should have apologized to my friend Dylan a long time ago when I still had the chance.  He was my best online friend, and one of my best friends period.  I screwed up badly, and since I knew him online, I have no way of contacting him again to apologize.  :[

    34. Since you didn’t specify a question, either, here’s a picture for you:


    That was fun.


    laurenabishop said: You are so sweet! Thanks for all of your replies on my picture posts. <3

    No problem!  I really love your photography.  You’re so talented!  <3



    We’ll never be Joe, John or Jacques.

    And have you ever noticed

    how many names begin with the letter J?

    You know, and I know,

    that the point is to redefine the norm.

    But your name begins with a J, too,

    and most people I know have J-names.

    Mine isn’t J… no wonder I’m the outcast loner—

    it was predestined by the ones who named me K.


    Please note that the things I’ve posted here so far are far from my best poetry (as those of you who have read my poetry know)… they are more trains of thought that make more sense broken up in lines and stanzas than in paragraph form.  I’ll be posting things worth reading, too.

    Did you hear the world’s supposed to end tomorrow evening?


    I feel fine.


    jiosen said: First, you look absolutely gorgeous in that picture of yours! Been meaning to tell you that.
    Second, you use your DA for writing. Ever considered doing any graphic art? (painting, drawing, sculpting, etc.) Or do you and you just don't post it? XD

    Daww, thank you ^///^

    And I do enjoy drawing and painting, but it’s not worthy of other peoples’ eyes.  Yet.  I’m hoping to take some classes, because I’ve reached a plateau and can’t seem to improve much on my own, anymore.  I messed with realism for years, but I realized it’s not my thing, and now I’m into surrealism and fantasy.  ^^


    jiosen said: So you're a master of the flute. What other instruments do you play? 8O

    *Blushes* I dunno about master.  I took up alto saxophone at the beginning of this school year so I could be in jazz band, and now I’m pretty decent (though I don’t know how to play the highest notes or the lowest).  I’m going to learn piano starting this fall, but not to the point where I can play as well on piano as flute.  And piccolo, but that pretty much goes without saying.  :3




    dreaming of cut grass and daffodils,

    letting the figurative thunderstorm resonate

    with the amplified bass line of the silent song

    (I’m always singing to myself).


    You don’t get to revise.  You have to take each day as it comes and find a little happiness in everything you experience.  Otherwise, it’ll all be gone before you ever knew it was there.

    I feel like baking a cake… just for the sake of smelling the vanilla extract.

    This is lovely: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A6DxKIWMhn8

  11.   &#8220;The aim of life is self-development. To realize one&#8217;s nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.&#8221;  &#8212;Oscar Wilde

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    The aim of life is self-development. To realize one’s nature perfectly - that is what each of us is here for.”  —Oscar Wilde